Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Secret Treasure Hunt

This is the first short story that my daughter has written. She is eight years old and lives in Detroit, Michigan, USA with her aunt. She sent me this story on e-mail and requested me if I could put this on my blog. The pictures are taken from the internet.

The Secret Treasure Hunt

Once upon a time in far away land there lived a girl named Sabat. Sabat’s parents were so poor that they did not have a lot of food. But Sabat had everything that she wanted. But the thing she liked most was her friend Madison.

Sabat and Madison lived next to each other. They also helped each other like getting water from the river, doing homework and all the other stuff. Sabat always thought that she was missing something but she didn’t care.

One hot day, Sabat and Madison planned going to the forest. They got everything they needed and put them in their backpacks. Madison had secretly got a map from her mom’s trunk and took it with her. When they were ready they started walking in the forest.

Madison had stolen a treasure map from her mom’s trunk. When Madison came back she showed the map to Sabat. Sabat said, “Lets go on a treasure hunt. It will be much more fun than just walking around and looking at the forest.” So they headed for the secret treasure.

Madison and Sabat followed the path and did what the map told them to do. Sabat and Madison had a little trouble finding their way but they knew that they could do it.

Madison told Sabat that there were some other girls whom she knew that lived in the forest. “Great!” Sabat said, “Maybe we can live with them for a while.” Madison also told Sabat that they knew where the secret treasure might be.

Sabat said that she also knew these girls who lived in the forest and knew where the treasure might be. Sabat said that the girls’ names were Lindsay, Mary G, Mary R and Kirsten. Madison was so shocked that these were the girls she knew.

Since they knew the same girls they went where they lived. Now they didn’t need any directions because they knew where to go. While they were walking something jumped out from the trees and scared them. It wasn’t an animal, it wasn’t a creature, plus it wasn’t a big giant monster. It was just Lindsay, one of the girls they were friends with.

Lindsay said that she could take them to the girls since they had moved to other side of the forest. Now Madison liked this because she always liked it when people helped each other. So on and so on, as you know they came to the other side and met other girls.

Kirsten jumped and came running to Madison and Sabat. They ran to her to and when they reached each other they gave each other a big hug.

When they were done hugging they stared the treasure hunt. They followed the yellow path in the middle of the forest. Then they stopped because the map told them to stop. There was no stop sign so they crossed a yellow line they heard creepy noises.

Lindsay quickly said, “Oh! Oh! Its the boys.” “The boys!” Sabat said. “This is not good”, Madison said. But the girls kept on walking, they weren’t afraid at all. Even though they heard noises they still weren’t afraid at all. Madison and Sabat saw the boys sneaking at them. So they told the girls and the girls saw the boys. The boys saw the girls.

That’s when the boys said their names. There names were Mitchell, Matthews, Pace, Arya, Noah and Casey. The boys looked up at the map really curiously. Then Mitchell came up to us and took the map. Then the boys said, “Ha, Ha! You can’t get this map back from us. We’re too strong.”

The boys ran away with the map. When they were gone the girls thought of a plan. The plan was that the girls should team up together and try to get their map back. So they can find the treasure. Soon the girls agreed with the plan and tried to do the plan.

Madison, Kirsten and Sabat teamed up together with everybody and they tried to get their treasure back. But one of the boys spotted them. The first plan failed. Then they thought of another plan.

The other plan was to sneak up on them and get the treasure back. When they tried that they failed again because another boy spotted them. When they were all together in the middle of the forest something started twinkling and in front of them appeared a nice little fairy. The fairy said, “Hi” and told her name. Her name was Mrs. Byrd. Mrs. Byrd said that she was going to help the girls. She raised her wand and said these magical words, “Bobbidi Bobbiddi Boo.” When she was done the boys turned into frogs. The girls and Mrs. Byrd lived happily ever after in the forest.

© Sabat Zahra Husaini
February 14, 2006


Shruthi said...
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Shruthi said...

Incredible!! Are you sure she is just 8 years old? :D Her language is way better than that of loads of adults I know! The story was lovely too! Way to go! :)

Blue Athena said...

This is way too fantastic! Danish, this girl's go a lonnnng way!

Give her my love. :)


Quite a reverse to the Prince-Frog! Pretty incredible story for an 8 year old. It struck me, how she paid particular attention to the names of the people in the story. It reminds me that when I was about her age I had notebooks filled to capacity with names of imaginary families whose stories I told in my head or acted out with my younger sister. We forget how important names are, but this significance is not lost on children. To them a name carries an entire idenity, an entire story, and just naming the name is enough to tell us who the person is. We often forget this simplicity as adults, but thank your daughter for the reminder.

kaaju katli said...

Aakhir kiske beti hai! This is adorable. Ask her to write more :)

Inkblot said...

The last para is perfect!Love it.

She has a very expressive face.

Anonymous said...

What a doll she is, SO talented too. Its nice to see kids being creative, and using their imaginations, it's the most precious thing about childhood. Thanks for posting it, it's so cute, -poodiesgirl-

Nessa said...

Wow! That is such a darling short story.. and she looks so adorable too :

Shilpa said...

Brilliant! Clap clap clap clap clap clap..
Way to go Sabat! You sure are going to be a fine story teller. You are really really good!

Anonymous said...

Great!!!!! Htas Off to little wonder...

Best Of luck Sweetie...

Soneesh Aunty

Manish Bhatt said...

You've got a prodigy on your hands it seems. Bless her.

Batul said...

Dan, I just saw this story today. It's really sweet. I like the ending, specially, so typical of a child.